New Website Launched: TP Australia

Beewebby has been working closely with TP Australia to get their multi-lingual website to launch. Serving both English and Mandarin speaking clients, TP Australia approached Beewebby to create a website optimized for users of different languages. Using a popular open source WordPress language manager, WP Globus, we managed to create a dual language website with easy-to-use navigation; switching to-and-fro languages is done with 1 click.

The design department also put great effort in bringing such a beautiful design to an professional investment website.


PHP 7 Upgrade

The Beewebby managed hosting has also been upgraded to PHP 7, with significant performance and load improvement. All of Beewebby's managed hosting WordPress sites have been migrated to PHP 7, and extensively tested for compatibility. So far, the performance and stability is proving to be a real contender, with almost zero downtime and migration frustrations! Read more about PHP 7 now.



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