5 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Presence

You probably use Facebook and Twitter to communicate with your friends, post how you feel, or share your #OOTD (outfit of the day). Social media is more than just a place for finding and being reunited with friends. For many years now, it has been the avenue of news, updates, fun facts and all sorts of information.

Just last year, Business Insider Intelligence made a research to find the engagement index of top major social networks. In this study, they found out that in America alone, social is the top Internet activity – they spend more time on social media than any other Internet activities.

In this article, I will enumerate five reasons why you need to start considering having social media accounts for your business.

1. It increases your exposure.

It isn't enough that you have a website but never bothered to create social accounts. How will you be able to promote your products, services or your recent blog entry? With 1.2 billion monthly active users in Facebook, 271 million in Twitter and 187 million in LinkedIn, social networking site is the best place to market your brand.

2. Reaching out made easier.

Gone are the days when the only way to connect with companies was either by looking for the contact page in their site or visiting their office. Now, everyone can easily share their feedbacks, frustrations and satisfactions by simply sending messages or comments in the company’s social page. But, that’s not the best bit of it. In return, companies can easily send replies too. This is engagement, and engagement serves a big role in business success.

3. You’ll get the right audience.

I followed Canon’s Facebook and Twitter page because I love photography, I use their products, and I’m happy recommending it to everyone I know – I am Canon’s right audience. People will follow your page when they find importance in you and can personally relate to you. Those people are your real audience, and when you know who they are, then it is much easier to analyze, evaluate and personalize your services or products, leading to a better profit.

“Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media.” –Lori Ruff (The LinkedIn Diva)

4. It improves your search rankings.

When you have social media presence, you have online presence. This implies that being socially active will increase your chance of being found in the search engine results page, and also a higher possibility of you dominating results for certain a keyword or brand name.

5. It lessens your marketing expenses.

What I love most about social networking sites is that they’re free. It only requires your time, effort and passion to create and maintain one. Most marketing efforts demand for budget before it could generate results, but social media marketing could be done even without spending money, and still get the same or even better results.


You may not be considering creating one for now, or having your existing ones maintained. But, sooner or later you’ll see that your potential customers are actually looking for your social accounts more often than your websites. Will you let the big chunk of success pass you by?


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