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We're thrilled to be working with Buffalo Cookware Glen Waverley!

From Email Marketing to Social Media Management, we're looking to help them make a mark on Social Media. Our goal is to integrate their Brick & Mortar store with the digital presence, looking to drive traffic to their weekly cooking demo. Here is a short brand history of Buffalo and we'll be seeing more of them here.

Buffalo was founded in 1957 and is one of the world’s leading producers of premium quality stainless steel cookware. Today, Buffalo products are extremely popular throughout Asia and can also be found in countries such as Japan, USA, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Canada and now Australia.

The Buffalo name was chosen because the company founder believed that the skin of a buffalo is the most durable material, just like stainless steel cookware. Despite the tough start-up environment, the founder of Buffalo showed the practical spirit of a buffalo and persisted in promoting his healthy cookware products.

Soon after its inception, Buffalo was the first manucturer in the world to produce a traditional wok made from steel steel. Today Buffalo produces a large range of traditional cookware products as well as new electric cookers that are perfect for today’s modern lifestyles.



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