BiscuitFish Studio

Biscuitfish Studio was founded in early 2014 specializing on animated videos and branding designs.

Beewebby has been a big part of Biscuitfish Studio's growth in the early phase. We assisted with building their website on a easy-to-manage cms. We also manage their SEO & SEM.


Biscuitfish Studio, a newly founded design studio by a creative graduate stuent from Swinburne University. In an industry of long lasting giants and individual studios. Biscuitfish needed to find it's niche and service local clients to establish market position


  • Developing a trendy easy-to-manage website to showcase portfolio and quality videos¬†on a cms.
  • Building social media presence to appeal to new business owners and brand audiences.
  • SEO to bring potential qualified leads to website to inquire about services.


Biscuitfish experienced a quick growth with excellent brand recognition, and a positive reaction from the community. Biscuitfish also establish international client base in South East Asian countries and Australia.

The name Biscuit Fish is based on the two simple and seemingly insignificant food item provided by a brave youngster that is later used to feed thousands of people abundantly by Jesus. Biscuit Fish believes by offering our little gift sincerely, it will transform into a momentous blessing.

Biscuitfish Studio

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