5 Myths About Why Your Small Business Doesn’t Need a Website

It’s 2015, there are over 2 billion people online, and yet, an Inc. article shares the surprising fact that only 45% of small businesses had a website just two years ago. According to experts who conducted a survey, creating and maintaining a company website can pose real challenges, but at BeeWebby, we are ready to slay five common myths about why your small business does not need a website.

Myth #1: My Customers Can Find Me Already.

Sure, for now. But are you accessing the pool of potential clients coming online every day? Do you want your customers to become committed to your product, not just one-time buyers? A dedicated domain name with a beautiful website providing high-quality content will attract not just more customers, but customers who are more informed and committed to your product. Tech-savvy potential employees and vendors can also learn about you through your website. Google and YouTube are the Yellow Pages for tomorrow’s consumers.

Myth #2: It’s A Time And Money Drain.

Yes, a new website will require your attention and reduce your bank account, but there are proven strategies, practices, and tools that efficiently create an awesome website within any budget. From cheap, cookie-cutter programs to professional and high-quality vendors, you can stretch your limited dollar and time to the right option.

Remember, you get what you pay for.

Myth #3: There’s nothing to put on the Website.

Contact info, hours, and directions are basic information customers expect to find on the website as are compelling product descriptions, prices, and paying instructions. What about adding the history of your company or a client experience? You can show though photos how your product is made, from brainstorming sessions with staff and production steps to how customers enjoy the product.

Myth #4: My Facebook Page Is Good Enough.

With social media, such as Facebook and Pinterest, offering online store fronts and new ways to connect with clients, is a standalone website still necessary? YES! Your website with registered domain name is the primary place for your virtual presence, letting you control your information.

Bonus: Your website can be designed to automatically look great and function flawlessly on smartphones and tablets.

Myth #5: I Won’t Be Able To Meet Demand After The Site Is Up.

Remember, there is no better time than now to upgrade your company with a website. Once your website is built, attracting viewers takes real time and effort. There are quick ways to increase your website visitors, but if you want quality viewers who become and remain clients, they need to first find the site and then locate the information about your product that can solve their problem. Being swamped with website viewers and their questions rarely happens for small businesses just launching their website. It will happen, but you typically have time to plan for that.

We know building a website can sound expensive and complicated, but at BeeWebby, we have the experience, knowledge, and creativity to create a website that works for your company.

Please contact us if you are ready to finally slay those website myths holding you back.

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