SEO VS CRO: What's what and Which to Focus?


So what does these 2 terms mean? In the world of internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) are the 2 marketing techniques often classified as "technical marketing". Far from traditional marketing, these methods are aimed at maximizing ROI through small changes in gradual processes. Technical Marketing can help your business grow to new heights. However depending on the types and size of your business, one may be more effective than the other, and the amount you spend on one may yield more than the same effort spent on the other. In this article, we are going to explore a few of these and examine these different cases. Click here to read about what is LINE Official? and how helpful will it be. Before we get started on the cases, here is a basic explanation of both marketing techniques.

SEO - Basically how you optimize your website alongside contents to bring your website up the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Landing on Higher SERP for specific keywords usually brings in high volume of quality leads from Search Engines.

CRO - Optimizing your website/landing page to increase the conversion rates from the traffic on your website be it filling up the contact form, making an eCommerce purchase, or downloading an information pack.

New Websites

Let's face it, most new websites don't get the traffic new website operators want. Usually promised by web agencies that a website is their portal to the world, a new website(there are exceptions) needs significant work and effort before it'll get the love from their targeted audience. So for new websites, CRO work that yields rate of conversion would not be significant as there is usually a low level a traffic to the website. For new websites, SEO is recommended alongside social media marketing to bring quality leads into the website. Here is a great article from Moz talking how SEO can help build brand authority.

In the quest for new websites to establish a formidable online presence, a comprehensive strategy encompasses not only Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and SEO but also the strategic integration of backlinks. Just as CRO aims to refine user experiences and SEO bolsters visibility, the synergy of niche edit links offers an invaluable dimension to this digital equation. Backlinks, akin to pathways between interconnected web domains, introduce authoritative referrals, guiding targeted traffic toward a new website's offerings. Particularly for websites in their infancy, this orchestrated approach—fusing CRO, SEO, and niche edit links—paves the way for a robust foundation, nurturing growth, and facilitating meaningful engagement with quality leads. As Moz's insightful article highlights the prowess of SEO in enhancing brand authority, the strategic integration of niche edit links acts as an influential catalyst, further amplifying a new website's trajectory toward online prominence and recognition.

Established Business Sites

Established brands have significant traffic that comes from search engine through branded keywords. These people already know the business and most often the traffic from se.Business brands are recommended to focus their effort on improving their CRO to convert onlooking audience. Improving CRO usually means significantly more customers are converted to paying customers. There are also further ways to increase the spending of existing customers through well place up-selling and cross-selling. CRO effort can be classified into converting new customers or getting existing customers to increase their spending.


Most times, Omni channel eCommerce is the only way to go in today's online landscape.

Beewebby's specialist skills in making eCommerce websites and optimization has given us good experience to be working on eCommerce sites for new and established businesses. The ultimate conversion for eCommerce sites is getting customer to spend more and getting more customer to spend. eCommerce sites often run on high resources and site loading speed is a critical factor for most eCommerce sites (especially Magento & WooCommerce sites with a large inventory and plugins). Making sure the customer can get from browsing the products to making a checkout in as few steps as possible will prevent the potential drop off. Getting qualified leads onto the website is also important for eCommerce sites. eCommerce sites also need to consider search competition with marketplace sites eg. eBay and Amazon. Considering if your customers are searching for your products on eBay or Google will ultimately determine if going website only or Omni online channel is will be the highest ROI. Online Omni channels includes selling on eBay, Facebook, and on eCommerce website. Most times, Omni channel eCommerce is the only way to go in today's online landscape.

Unique brands benefit more from


Depending on your need and the budget you have for SEO and CRO, it is wise to spend on the one that will yield more ROI. Hopefully after this brief article, you'll have a better idea how to get your online presence and marketing on track.

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