New Website: Awiral, Simplot Ignite: Oz Soylent

Awiral launched recently as a Beewebby side project. The best place to discover viral and fun contents around the internet. As an experimental site to test out the media publishing market, Beewebby dedicates some resources to focus on producing content for the page.


Simplot Ignite

Oz Soylent

Simplot Ignite: Oz Soylent

We are also excited for our client Oz Soylent to be chosen to pitch at Simplot Ignite Scaleup Program finalist. Oz Soylent has come a long way since inception in 2015. With significant growth over the past year, Beewebby has continually worked closely with the team to improve SEO and Website Optimization. And the Traffic Analysis from GA shows that around 80% converted traffic comes from Google Organic Search! We are proud of the results and will continue to work to improve that even more!


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